Let us be the first to tell you that a video with positive comments is just as good as a video that has gone viral. The more positive comments you have the more people talk about you which then leads to you gaining more views, subscribers, and likes. We always suggest to our clients to buy YouTube comments to give them a healthy account. We even go as far as letting you write your own comments and having the viewers place them for you !! The viewers will never make a negative comment about you as the people who view your page are people that are generally interested in what you are promoting. The people who comment will also watch your video the whole way through which leads you getting a few extra high retention views.


The comments we provide are the best of quality, they will ask you questions on your video such as ” when is your next event ? ” and ” where are you based ” all of the comments that are provided are 100 % relevant to what your video is all about. If you decide to write your own comments then make sure that you are making full use of them. Whether or not you decide to purchase YouTube comments is entirely down to you but it is advisable that you buy some to give your account a healthy glow. This is a very good marketing tool if you use it to its full potential, when someone takes the time to watch your video and then write a comment it really does give you the credibility your looking for.


You should always be looking to gain YouTube comments for not just one of your videos but all of them. The more positive comments you have the better. You may not know this but having views could determine on whether or not that person buys your services or visits your next gig. People will automatically check out your comments before looking at your video. A video with no comments is a video that has very little views so make sure you are taking advantage of our comments service. You can even write your own comments and have the people watching your video to upload the comments that you choose. This is a great marketing tool for business looking to promote their products and services.


If you are looking to build your video on a scale where it is being watched all over the world and talked about on every social network out there then you have come to the right place. When you increase YouTube comments for you videos you are building a credible profile which could potentially be seen across the globe. One way to get free YouTube comments is to ask friends, family, business colleges to write comments for your videos. If you are a business showing the world your products then you could offer your clients an incentive to leave a comments when they watch your video. It is all about being smart and finding ways of marketing your self and that is what you can and will do when you have well written, positive and descriptive comments through out your videos.


YES ! When you make your purchase you will see an option that states ” notes ” You can either write the comments in there or you can send the comments to Please make sure you are very clear that you want to write your own comments when making the purchase so they are not missed. Make sure you are using the comments to your best ability. The comments will still be uploaded by real people who are watching your video but they receive an incentive to post a comment that you have chosen. This is a very powerful marketing tool that should not be missed. If you want some advice on what kind of comments would help your video then please speak with our online staff or email us on any of the three emails stated below.

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