When you buy slow targeted YouTube views you are increasing, not only your videos popularity but also your rankings within this networks search engine. It is very important that you take the right steps when building a credible account which is why we have offered this service not to mention it has been requested by many clients and visitors. We do our best to meet your needs and understand that your end goal is to trend the videos you have uploaded which is why, when you buy slow targeted YouTube views you will notice your rankings increasing based on consistency, them being targeted and them being high retention views.


There is more than one benefit to you making the choice to buy slow targeted YouTube views. The first being that the views are from a targeted country, the second being that they are already set to high retention which automatically increases your rankings and finally adding them slowly means that you can have people view your video over any amount of time you choose. We can not stress enough the importance of keeping your video viewed on a daily basis so rather than buy targeted views that are added all at the same time, your better option would be to have them spread our over the course of a longer period of time.


The normal views are added within twenty four to forty eight hours which is great if you are looking for a fast boost. The slow views are added over a longer period of time ” your choice of time frame ” which shows YouTube that your videos are watched on a daily basis and come across more realistic. If your video is brand new then you should buy targeted views but if your video already has a healthy amount of views then you should opt to buy slow targeted YouTube views which will maintain and increase your YouTube ranking. We have an online customer support team who would be more than happy to look at your videos and give you advice on what ones need slow views and what ones need fast views.


When you buy slow targeted YouTube views you will be staying consistent which is exactly what this network looks at when deciding who to rank. The old school way of having a lot of views all at once is no longer effective. The way to rank is by having an all rounded video with likes, comments, shares and views but coming in on a regular basis apposed to having them come all at once. You will notice that some videos with less views actually rank higher than videos with a lot more views and this is due to the ones with less being more consistent than those who have had a lot of views and then nothing for a couple of weeks.


This would depend on the current amount of views you have already. If your video is new then we suggest that you buy targeted YouTube views that are delivered within twenty four to forty eight hours because you want to show YouTube that you are someone who is looked out for by your subscribers. If your video already has a large amount of views then that is when you should buy slow targeted YouTube views. This will help you keep your video up to date and ranking well within this network. The way to rank any video is to ensure that you have views coming in daily but not missing out the fact that you still need comments, likes, subscribers and shares.

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